Fitbit to Transfer Smartwatch Production From China


Fitbit said it is shifting manufacturing operations from China for all its health trackers and smartwatches to prevent US tariffs.

Beginning in January, the business anticipates those products will not be not subject to import duties and therefore of Chinese origin, Fitbit stated in a statement. Fitbit stated it’ll give additional information on the financial consequences of the transfer throughout its third-quarter earnings conference call.

Shares in Fitbit dropped 2% in New York at .

US businesses moving from China are joined by fitbit. And Apple was fighting the White House on asks to acquire the iPhone and other goods off the listing of Chinese-made products slated to be struck by tariffs on December 15.

“This really is a superb illustration of organizations making proactive decisions to reevaluate tariff related-risk in this situation, carrying their whole supply chain from China,” explained Tom Forte, an analyst in D.A. Davidson. Others”may opt to follow suit because this trade war becomes extended and diffuse, and possibly escalates.”

Stated businesses aren’t being given credit for their attempts to mitigate dangers that were tariff-related by the stock exchange. “I hope as earnings season comes we will be hearing far more about this by businesses.”

Trade negotiators are going for discussions Thursday beginning and China is open to attaining a trade deal with the US, an official with direct knowledge of the talks said. Since negotiations failed in May, the trade discussions have failed to create headway.


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